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Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal is to tell you about who we are as an organization and as individuals, our investment philosophy and our current holdings. Please browse at your leisure, and contact us at 1-203-583-3272 or via email if you have any unanswered questions or comments.



We invest on behalf of the Kattegat Trust, a philanthropic foundation and family office. Our team has been working with Kattegat since 1998 and is inspired by the values of Torben and Axel Karlshoej, as well as the rest of the Karlshoej family.

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Our Team


We are a group of dedicated professionals who enjoy working with the many outstanding people who successfully manage our portfolio holdings. Every day, we try to do something that will enhance the performance of our current or prospective investment portfolio and have some fun. Some days it is easy to do both, and on others, it is nearly impossible to do either.

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Because we intend and expect to be active investors through many economic cycles, our competitive advantages are our long-term outlook and our willingness and ability to evaluate currently out-of-favor asset classes and geographies. We value fair treatment of our partners, their employees and all other stakeholders as a important goal to be achieved along with superior risk-adjusted returns.

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Our holdings span the globe. We like to learn about new asset classes and geographies. As investors, we believe that delivering outsized returns is not ‘easy’ and requires a willingness to venture away from the pack.

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