From Our Managing Director

We, the Anholt team, are cognizant of our role within the Kattegat philanthropic organization and our place in the Karlshoej family legacy. On the one hand, it provides us with access to tremendous financial resources with which we can pursue an enormous breadth of investment opportunites. Who, in our position, could ask for anything more? On the other hand, though, it also bestows upon us a tremendous responsibility to treat our management partners and their operating teams in a way that is consistent with the family values that we represent. We pride ourselves on being direct negotiators, fair financial partners and reliable counterparties.

From an investment point of view, we believe our primary competitive advantages to be our long term outlook and our willingness to investigate out of favor asset classes and geographies in hopes of finding a mismatch between perceived risk and reality. We like learning about new concepts and unfamiliar places. When they are no longer new or unfamiliar to mainstream investors, they are unlikely to carry attractive risk-return profiles.

In terms of opportunity selection, we have a strong preference for being majority investors, or at least having an important seat at the table. We look for companies or investment vehicles that have a real ‘reason to exist,’ in that they are geographically dominant, low cost producers, supply into a market with excess long-term demand characteristics or fill a presently underserved niche. We back management we trust and with whom we are happy to spend personal time. Life is too short not to work with people who you like.

It’s a big world out there, with lots of interesting opportunities to impact the world positively, have some fun and make some money. All at the same time.