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Anholt Services (USA), Inc. Hires Rudolph Krediet

February 16, 2013

WESTPORT, CT February 16, 2013 Anholt Services (USA), Inc. (“Anholt”) announced today that it had hired Rudolph W.J. Krediet to the position of Principal. In this position, Mr. Krediet will be overseeing a variety of investment efforts, sourcing, analyzing, negotiating and monitoring public and private market investments internationally. In addition, Mr. Krediet will be the primary manager of Anholt’s global efforts in the agriculture and food markets. Prior to joining Anholt, Mr. Krediet spent several years with Compass Group Management, LLC, where he worked closely with Joe Massoud, Anholt’s Managing Director. Mr. Krediet also has worked with CPM Roskamp Champion, a manufacturer of agriculture-related capital equipment. Mr. Krediet is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and the Darden Graduate School of Business (University of Virginia). Commenting on the hiring, Mr. Massoud said, “I am very pleased to have Rudolph joining our team. I worked with Rudolph for many years at Compass and consider him a trusted and valued partner. His track record of investment performance, cooperation with our management teams and overall integrity make him perfect for this position. I have enjoyed working with Rudolph and look forward to continuing to do so over the coming years.”

About Anholt:
Anholt Services (USA), Inc. is an indirect subsidiary of the Kattegat Trust, a family office based philanthropic foundation. Anholt evaluates and manages Kattegat’s interests globally across a wide range of asset classes, including hard assets, fund partnership interests and control and minority stakes in private and public companies. The senior members of the Anholt team have worked with the Kattegat Trust in various capacities since 1998.