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Anholt Announces Formation of Mining Investment Vehicle

March 08, 2014

WESTPORT, CT March 8, 2014. Anholt Services (USA), Inc. (together with its affiliates and owners, “Anholt”) announced today that it has formed PB13 Resources, LLC (“PB13”) to invest in the publicly traded equities of mining companies, with a particular focus on junior miners. Anholt has retained Tomasz Nadrowski, a longtime industry veteran and portfolio manager, to oversee the day to day activities of PB13. Commenting on the formation of PB13, Anholt Managing Director Joe Massoud said, “We are excited to be working with Tomasz to invest in this space at this time. We believe there is significant opportunity to be found in the analysis of and differentiation between publicly traded mining companies at this time, and we look forward to building this vehicle with Tomasz over the coming years.”

About Anholt:
Anholt Services (USA), Inc. is an indirect subsidiary of the Kattegat Trust, a family office based philanthropic foundation. Anholt evaluates and manages Kattegat’s interests globally across a wide range of asset classes, including hard assets, fund partnership interests and control and minority stakes in private and public companies. The senior members of the Anholt team have worked with the Kattegat Trust in various capacities since 1998.